8 Jun

These are tips that I have gathered from various resources about Ramadan:

  • The best time to change is Ramadan. Reflect over your life and set a major goal for your life: find what is your one single biggest weakness, come up with a plan to eradicate it and stick to the plan no matter what.
  • Set minor goals for Ramadan with respect to Quran (reading and reflecting), prayer and duaa.
  • Make each of the goals progressive.
  • For example, for Quran in the first 10 days read 1 page, in the subsequent 10 days 2 pages and in the last 10 days 3 pages; in the first 10 days reflect over 1 ayah daily and progress thereafter.
  • For prayer, in the first 10 days make your goal to pray ishaa in congregation with 2 rakah taraweeh. In the subsequent 10 days to prayer ishaa and 4 rakaah. In the last 10 days, to pray ishaa and fajar along with 4 rakaahs and more.
  • For duaa, make sure you spend sometime prior to opening your fast. Many scholars said the gift of fasting is Allah SWT accepting your duaa. Again make the goal progressive from 5 min duaa in the first 10 days to 15min duaa in the last 10 days.
  • Begin making your duaa by praising Allah, sending salutation upon Prophet SAW, doing istighfaar and then imagine the last moment of your life, the grave, the beginning of the Day of Judgement, etc. When you are done making supplication for the hereafter then begin with this world — again concentrate on your biggest struggles and make duaa thereafter.

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