11 Feb

وَإِذْ فَرَقْنَا بِكُمُ الْبَحْرَ فَأَنجَيْنَاكُمْ وَأَغْرَقْنَا آلَ فِرْعَوْنَ وَأَنتُمْ تَنظُرُونَ

And remember when We parted the sea with you and We saved you all and We drowned the system of Pharaoh while you were looking on (2:50).

  • This verse mentions the greatest blessing that Allah bestowed upon the Israelite, after Islam.
  • The definite article implies that you know exactly what this sea is.
  • Allah SWT did not say separated the ocean for you (la kum) but rather using you (bi kum).
  • The latter has the additional implication that as you walked, the sea began opening right before your eyes.
  • This word is different from the one used in the previous verse, which is najinakumAnjinaa means the action was fully complete i.e. you were complete saved.
  • Allah SWT did not say He drowned the Pharoah but rather the system of the Pharaoh
  • If Allah SWT only did the former then another tyrant would emerge and the oppression would continue.
  • This is called wa al haliya. It means while in a certain state.
  • Allah SWT drowned the Pharoah while the Israelites watched. Imagine your worst enemy being destroyed right before you.
  • The We is repeated to make it absolutely clear that Allah alone saved you and you were powerless.
  • Lesson: All trials — no matter how cataclysmic in magnitude — will come to an end.

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