Do you want reward for Hajj?

4 Nov

Prophet SAW said, “whoever prays Fajar in congregation then sits remembering Allah until sun rise, then prays two rakah, will have a reward like that of Hajj and Umrah; complete, complete, complete. [Tirmidhi; authentic]

  • Could be dhikr, reciting Qur’an, duaa, listening to Islamic lectures, etc.
  • Should be done 20 minutes after sun rise (when it is a spears length).
  • Women are included in this (could also be done at home).
  • Whoever seeks forgiveness for the believing men and women, Allah will write for him a good deed for each believing man and woman.[Tabarani; authentic]

One Response to “Do you want reward for Hajj?”

  1. MuQeet November 5, 2011 at 7:37 AM #

    Assalamu Alaikum.
    Today is the day of Arafah and i wrote an article on Hajar, an inspiring story.
    Would like to request you and all your visitors to read it insha allah:
    Jazakallah Khayr, and Eid Mubarak in advance.

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