Read! What?

19 Jun

اقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلق

Recite with the name of your Lord the who created
  • Meanings: could be حال — using the help, or مفتتحا — opening (e.g. a textbook), or مخلصا — sincerley.
  • Didn’t say “in the name of Allah.” Rabb has the connotation of nurturing, upbringing, etc. This word is used for parents as they do tarbiya — bring up — of the child. This is the first revelation and you can imagine how difficult it was for Prophet SAW. By using Rabb, he is being reminded, don’t worry. I am your Rab, and I will take care of you, make this journey easy for you…
  • This is a transitive (المتعدي) verb, one that requires an object (مفعول به). This object has been dropped and the effect is expansion of meaning; anything you can think of, Allah created it, and hence there is no need to mention it.
  • Creates exclusivity. It is only Allah who created everything.
  • This ayah should instil in us an awe of the power of Allah over all of creation, and should lead us to want to learn more about it.

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