3- God Did Not Beget!

2 Apr

لم يلد ولم يولد

He did not give birth, nor was He given birth.

  • لم forces a future verb (Mudarie) into the past (Madi). Why did Allah not say He will never have a son? Why use past-tense instead of future-tense? The use of the past-tense removes all forms of birth attributed to Allah; He never had a son, so why would He ever have one?
  • God giving birth possess many paradoxes: Who will He give birth to? A birth is given to an equal- Humans beget humans, animals beget animals, plants beget plants etc. If God gave birth, He would have to give birth to another perfect being. Therefore, He would no longer be perfect (giving birth shows a need — children, dependence, support, etc.). If He is no longer perfect, how can He then give birth to a perfect being?

One Response to “3- God Did Not Beget!”

  1. LinguisticMiracle April 7, 2011 at 9:51 AM #

    Asalaamu alaikum waRahmatulah waBarakatuh

    You could also say that ‘God cannot have a child because the child would also have to be a perfect God’ – but by being born, he is being dependant upon a father, and that dependance is a sign of imperfection. 🙂

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