2- Allah is As-Samad

11 Mar

اللَّهُ الصَّمَدُ

Allah , the Eternal Refuge.

  • The ل-laam in the Majestic Name is the only laam which is pronounced as heavy in the Qur’an. Even the pronunciation reminds us of the uniqueness of Allah.
  • Ibn Abbas RA: As-Samad is the One Who all of creation depends for their needs and requests.
  • As-Samad as an adjective implies something which is solid with no holes or emptiness — it is flawless; a pure gold brick could be Samad. Only Allah is perfect and He alone has no imperfections.
  • People who cannot be dominated in business, building, battle etc. are called Samad. But Allah is The (As-) Samad.


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