Patience is only at the first stroke!

25 Oct

Prophet SAW once passed by a woman who was crying at the grave of her son. He SAW said, “Fear Allah and be patient.” She said, “away from me! My calamity has not befallen you and you are not aware of it.” The woman was later informed that it was the Prophet who advised her. She went to the him SAW and said, “I did not know it was you.”. Prophet SAW replied, “Patience is only at the first stroke of grief“. [Buk & Mus]

Points of Reflection:

  • Contemplate over the approach of Prophet SAW in giving advice to someone suffering: He was neither annoyed nor did he reproach the woman when she exclaimed, away for me….
  • On the first encounter he SAW gave general advice. On the second occasion he imparted specific advice. Why?
  • Come up with your own point of benefit!

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